The 5th FSM and Emptiers Convention 2022

The 5th FSM and Emptiers Convention 2022, hosted by the Bangladesh Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) Network, centered around achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6.2, advancing City-Wide Integrated Sanitation (CWIS), engaging the private sector in FSM services, addressing sanitation financing, and formalizing informal sanitation workers for improved working conditions.

The convention featured sessions on CWIS, key achievements, and future action plans, as well as discussions on private sector engagement, safety, dignity, gender equality, and sanitation financing. It was divided into three parts: an inaugural session focused on CWIS mainstreaming, technical sessions highlighting private sector engagement and sanitation financing, and a closing session emphasizing the dignification of sanitation workers.

The event included the launch of the BFSMN’s website and concluded with a screening of the film ‘Kohinoor’. Throughout, experts and stakeholders shared insights and strategies to enhance sanitation practices and contribute to SDG targets.